BEI Investments | Private equity and investment group
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Stocks and Bonds

High value, growth stock opportunities traded publicly.

Mutual Funds

High return, low fee funds in a variety of markets and geographies.

Real Estate

Unique properties to brick and motor business locations.


Start ups with market differentiating technology.

About Us

BEI Investments is a private investment group targeting marketable (stock, bonds, etc.) and non-marketable (angel investing, capital raises, equity stakes, etc.) investment opportunities.


We look for long term value holds on marketable securities and 1-5 year horizons on non-marketable opportunities.


While we don’t manage outside funds, our leadership team does frequently publish about our marketable security investment strategies and always welcome inquiries about non-marketable opportunities.

How We Choose Opportunities

Stocks and Bonds

Long term holdings with companies who have historically led with service or technology. We avoid price leaders in a segment as market disruption will always provide opportunity for another low cost provider.

Mutual Funds

Low cost and high minimum funds attract our attention. We specifically target funds in the medical and technology sectors or those focused in geographies where the fund’s expertise is beyond our current reach.

Real Estate

Residual income from commercial and residential properties is our key strategy here. Targeting areas with high occupancy rates, rising property values and indicators of business and residential growth help us narrow our vision when it comes to real estate acquisition.

Medical and Technology Start Ups

Boomers are aging. Technology is advancing faster than it ever has before and will only advance faster in the coming years. We look for start up opportunities with proven management offering a unique product to an under-served market.

Our Portfolio

Market fluctuation and freeing up capital for opportunities can temporarily change our portfolio make up, but typically we look for a balance.

Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds
Real Estate
Start Up Investment